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Qualified New York Combine and Affiliated Clubs Judges

The New York Combine requires that all judges at New York Combine shows be must be approved, certified judges. To become an approved judge, a judging candidate must go through a rigorous training regime involving completion of a series of Judging Seminars taught by the New York Combine’s Senior Judges. Before being certified, the candidate must pass several tests demonstrating knowledge of the Domestic Show Flight Standard, and the practical application of the standard of perfection to real pigeons.

The New York Combine has one NPA Master Judge, Sal Gigante, and two Senior Judges, Pete Fratangelo Sr. and John Thornton. Joe Monteleone and Pete Fratangelo Jr. are also New York Combine certified judges.

John Heppner of the Western Domestic Flight Association, an affiliate club of the New York Combine, is also a New York Combine certified judge.

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