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New York Combine Breeder of the Year Award

By Pete Fratangelo Sr.

The New York Combine Breeder of the Year Award is an annual award given to the New York Combine member who has had the most success at New York Combine shows that show season. The New York Combine is the premier club in the world for showing the American Domestic Show Flight. To win at the Combine is simply to beat the absolute best. To win more than any other competitor throughout a show season is truly a hard earned and magnificent accomplishment. It can only be achieved by those breeders that consistently breed large numbers of excellent quality Domestic Flights across many color classes. Winning the New York Combine Breeder of the Year Award signifies more than the accomplishments of that breeder in that specific year, as significant and difficult to achieve as those accomplishments are. Winning this award signifies that the winner is a top breeder of American Domestic Show Flights, is dedicated to breeding and showing the very best in a variety of colors and classes, and is able to put in the effort, knowledge, and experience required to breed and maintain a large stud of top quality Domestic Flights.

The Breeder of the Year Award is one the most Prestigious Awards that the Combine bestows and is won by the breeder of American Domestic Show Flights who scores the most points at the New York Combine shows that season. Points are awarded at the NYC Young Bird Show in October, the NYC Fall Show held in late November or early December (usually as part of the Big Apple Invitational), and the NYC Futurity Show held in late January. Starting three years ago, points are now also awarded at the Most-Promising Lawn Show held the last Saturday in July.

Points are awarded at these shows for young birds only and at the Futurity Show, only in Division One (which is open to all breeders). At the three main shows, points are awarded as follows: In each class (12 young bird classes at each show), a First Place gets 3 points, Second Place gets 2 points, and Third Place gets 1 point. In addition, the Best in Show bird at each show gets an additional 5 points. Thus, there is a maximum of 6 points per class times 12 classes, which is 72 points, plus 5 points for Best in Show equaling 77 points available at each of these three New York Combine shows. At the Most Promising Lawn Show, there are classes for Solid Cap, Solid Plainhead, Teager Cap and Teager Plainhead, with the same 3-2-1 point spread and 5 points for Best in Show. In case of a tie by two breeders, two Breeder of the Year Awards are given that year.

2011 New York Combine Breeder of the Year

In the 2011 Show Season, the New York Combine awarded Breeder Points at four of its shows. At the Most Promising Show held July 30, 2011, Franze & Minasso won Best in Show and had a total of 14 points. Joe Monteleone had the second most points with 11, and Phil Block earned 7 points.

At its Young Bird Show held at the VFW Hall in Bellerose, NY on October 22, 2011, Southern Domestic Flight Association President and New York Combine member Carlo Parente led all point-getters with 19 points. Other point-getters at this show were New York Combine Master Breeder Angelo Cavallo (12 points and Best in Show), Master-Breeders Gigante and Montelone (12), Master Breeders Franze & Minasso (11), Master-Breeder Bill Cusack (6), Walter Lee (4), Joe Monteleone (3), Anthony Iocovello (3), Gary Lee (3), Joe Corsini (3), and Master Breeder John Thornton (1).

The New York Combine held its Fall Show in 2011 in conjunction with the Fourth Annual Big Apple Invitational in White Plains on December 3, 2011. Joe Monteleone led the point totals with 15 points, while Phil Block and Gary Lee each had 10 points, and Pete and Peter Fratangelo won Best in Show and collected 8 points. Joe Corsini (6), John Thornton (3), Pete Garcia (3), Paul Cali (3), Walter Lee (1) and Jerry Peretti (1) also won points at this show.

Finally, at the New York Combine Futurity Show held at the VFW Hall in Bellerose, NY on January 21, 2012, Gigante & Monteleone took 39 points and won Best in Show, while Franze & Minasso (15), Joe Monteleone (7), Angelo Cavallo (5), John Thornton (4), Bill Cusack (3) and Bill Boltrek (2) also won points at this show. Complete results and photos of some of the winners of these shows are available under the “Show Reports” tag on the left side of this website.

The winner of the 2011 Breeder of the Year Award is once again the partnership of Sal Gigante and Fred Monteleone. Gigante and Monteleone took the award with a total of 51 points. With a limited entry at the Young Bird Show, this partnership won 12 points, while it dominated at the Futurity Show with 39 points. Gigante & Monteleone have won the Breeder of the Year Award many times in the past, including the past seven years straight. This accomplishment adds to an already incredible resume of breeding top quality, Championship American Domestic Show Flights. Congratulations to Sal and Fred on winning this award again, and in most impressive fashion.

New York Combine Breeder of the Year
Award Winners Since Inception

Year Breeder of the Year
2005 through 2011 Gigante & Monteleone[1]
2004 Angelo Cavallo*
1999 through 2003 Gigante & Monteleone*
1998 John Thornton
1996 and 1997 Vinnie Montanino*
1985 through 1995 Gigante & Monteleone*
1984 - two-way tie Gigante & Monteleone* & Lou Massucci*
1983 Lou Massucci*
1982 Gigante & Monteleone*
1981 Angelo Cavallo*
1980 Gigante & Monteleone*
1978 and 1979 Angelo Cavallo*
1977 Frank Molla
Only 6 New York Combine Members in 33 years have won this prestigious award.

* New York Combine Master Breeders

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